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Applied Metapsychology International Mission Statement:

We facilitate the creation of a world in which people can experience the joy of the journey toward achieving full human potential.

Applied Metapsychology International (AMI) was first formed by Frank A. Gerbode, M.D. in 1986, for the purpose of continuing to develop, research, and disseminate the subject of Applied Metapsychology. AMI is a 501(c)3 Non-profit corporation.

As well as working out the basic philosophy, AMI has gone on to develop specific applications of the subject, such as dealing with addictions, complex trauma, bereavement, phobias, relationship problems, enhancing creativity, and maximizing potential.

Beginning in 1999, AMI formed an Editing & Development Committee to publish a series of professional skills workshops, so that individuals may obtain training in the theory and skills needed to become facilitators of the subject and bring its benefits to others wishing to improve the quality of their lives. Through AMI's, efforts many of these workshops have been recognized as valid continuing education for psychologists and social workers, while still remaining open to members of the public without prior education in the field of mental health. This serves the purpose of being able to brining these simple yet highly effective methods of personal development to the widest possible audience (for further information on this subject, see A Psychologist Addresses Potential Concerns of the Mental Health Community, by John Durkin, Ph.D. Candidate and Applied Metapsychology: Therapy or Personal Growth, by Dr. Gerbode.). At this time, the basic workshops have now been translated into seven different languages, and are being offered around the world. AMI maintains responsibility for the programs and their content, overseeing that basic standards in the training are upheld.

AMI also maintains a certification/accreditation program to set standards of service and to provide individuals who have successfully completed the basic training, the opportunity to improve and develop their capabilities. The program further exists to recognize instructors who can deliver the workshops and have the skills necessary for training and supervising others as facilitators.

Since its conception, AMI has continued to support, encourage, and oversee research around the world.

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Thanks to the Friends of AMI

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