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Being a member is a great way to develop your knowledge, share successes, and learn from other practitioners. TIRA is the prime conduit for connection and interchange, not only between individual members, but between TIR Practitioners as a group and the rest of the world. Our members are essential supports in our goal of expanding the work of TIR and related Applied Metapsychology techniques, making them more available around the world. We invite you to join our international community by becoming a member today!

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TIRA Organizational Membership Rates:

Our membership dues are separated into two economic categories - based on the World Fact Book 2007 Gross Domestic Product per capita (purchasing power parity) figures by country. Rates are based on an organization's primary place of operations. See map and categories below to determine your membership rate.

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Category A. Category B.
$350.00 per year $ 140.00 per year
*Please note: Due the high cost of shipping, members paying the "B" rate will receive only the electronic copy of the TIRA Newsletter. If you wish to receive the printed copy please indicate this on the application form and note that an additional $25 per year will be added to your application to cover the cost of shipping.

Benefits of Organizational Membership:

  • Be part of the international community of TIR practitioners
    • Access to email discussion list on TIR, Life Stress Reduction, and related Applied Metapsychology Techniques - for up to 10 employees and/or volunteers of your organization.
  • Your organization's name, contact phone and/or email listed on the TIRA web-site
    • Requirement: At least one employee or volunteer who has completed the Traumatic Incident Reduction Workshop with a trainer Certified/Accredited by AMI, and approval given for this listing by that trainer -see application
  • Receive 10 copies of each issue of the AMI/TIRA Tri-Yearly Newsletter - to be shared through your office
    • With articles by practitioners and trainers in the field, TIR around the World, and updates on developments in the subject
  • Your organization receives a 10% discount from TIRBook.com
    • Books, CDs, and DVDs on TIR and related Applied Metapsychology techniques
    • Expand your knowledge
    • Obtain useful aids for presenting the subject to clients and others
    • Workbooks on related topics of interest are also available
  • Opportunity to attend the Annual TIRA Technical Symposium (As qualified by the training level of your employees and/or volunteers)
    • Key note speakers from the top of the field
    • Opportunities to pilot new techniques
    • Open discussion, sharing of ideas and interesting cases, and other topics of interest
    • Questions answered by the world's most experienced TIR and Applied Metapsychology practitioners
    • Meet TIRA Board members and network with practitioners from around the world
    • Meet members of the AMI Editing & Development Committee – the authors of the workshop manuals
  • Eligibility to participate in TIR research projects (As qualified by the training level of your employees and volunteers)
    • Opportunities for your staff and volunteers to develop in using the techniques as well as an opportunity to support the work of TIR and other Applied Metapsychology techniques.

Apply for a membership for your organization on-line or download form to mail or fax in your application.

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