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TIR Annual Symposium

2016 TIR Association Symposium

Join us for the 2016 TIR Association Symposium at the Sheraton Grand Hotel & Spa, Edinburgh, Scotland

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Friday, Sept. 23rd: Opening Reception, 6:00pm - 9pm - All Are Welcome!

(Friday 9am-5pm is Trainer Day, for all certified Trainers and Trainers-in-Training who have co-lead at least once and who are actively involved in a trainer appren­tice­ship with a certified Senior TIR Trainer)

TIR & LSR Days: Sept. 24 & 25, 9am - 5pm
(Prerequisites: Successful completion of at least one workshop in TIR/LSR with an AMI Certified Trainer as well as current membership with the TIR Association is required to attend)

Ability Enhancement Day: Sept. 26th, 9am - 5pm
(Prerequisites: Successful completion of at least Level 1 of the Ability Enhancement Workshop Series with an AMI Certified Trainer as well as current membership with the TIR Association is required to attend)

Location: Edinburgh, Scotland at the comfortable and modern Sheraton Grand Hotel & Spa 1 Festival Square

Travel Recommendations: Arrive at Edinburgh Airport ("EDI") Ground Transportation: TBA - Contact us for details.

To book your room: you are not required to stay at the Sheraton Grand Hotel & Spa. No special rates are available. All participants are required to book their own accomodations. A list of alternative (and cheaper) local accomodations will be mailed to you after registration or contact info@tir.org to get it in advance.

Tuition: Early Bird Rate
Until July 25
Standard Rate
Closes Sep. 5
TIR & LSR Days Only: $425 $500
TIR&LSR + Ability Enhancement Day: $525 $600

Refund policy: $75 of the tuition is a non-refundable deposit. If you cancel 15 or more days before the event, you will be refunded the full amount less $75. NO refunds will be made if you cancel less than 15 days before the event.

Continuing Education: inquire to info@tir.org for specifics.

Register on-line or download form to register through mail or fax.

Each year we host this event, where everyone from our newest members to the original developers of TIR can come together to converse about the technical application of TIR and related Applied Metapsychology techniques.

  • Each day of the symposium we begin with a few brief presentations, followed by discussion.
  • At least one new technique will be presented by the AMI Editing & Development Committee for the participants to study and to try out right on the spot.
  • Topics for discussion also come from the participants! We will talk about case planning and when referrals are needed, about anything and everything related to getting the most effective results for our clients. You can come with questions- specific or general -, interesting cases you have worked with recently, special successes, perplexing frustrations, etc. Questions and topics brought up for discussion will be viewed in order of interest (by vote) of the attendees, and will be covered as time allows. We have found that we never run out of interesting topics for discussion before we run out of time!
  • As a member of TIRA, this is your chance to spend time brainstorming with the most experienced and knowledgeable people in this field and to get your questions answered.
  • This is not a conference where everyone sits in rows being lectured to by someone who theoretically knows more; this is a rich experience, with interchange where we can all learn from each other. We have people with a broad range of backgrounds, education, and experience, which makes this meeting a unique opportunity for learning. Part of the value of this event is the opportunity to talk to others with similar interests from all over the world.

The TIR Association invites its members who (1) have completed the TIR Workshop and (2) who have demonstrated their ability to communicate with peers in a respectful and professional manner. These requirements ensures a productive and congenial atmosphere for our work and learning together during the vital and precious time we have at each yearly Symposium.

Our purpose of the Technical Symposium is to reward our members with an especially fulfilling learning and networking experience. The other, equally important purpose is to support Applied Metapsychology International in its purpose to actually advance the subjects of TIR and Applied Metapsychology in terms of their practical application. Many of us find the opportunity to be a part of this both personally and professionally rewarding.

The response each of the last few years was overwhelmingly positive:

  • "Absolutely wonderful group of people, fantastic lectures, beautiful accommodations."
  • "What I liked best was to hear about everybody's opinions on techniques, ideas, and clients."
  • "Spectacular! Loved all the speakers."
  • "The opportunity to share with and learn from others - nothing like it for me - a very sustaining experience."
  • I love the mix of conference presentations and tech. symp. discussions."
  • "From my perspective, it was money and time well spent. Great people, valuable content, nice venue. Kudos to you and your team."

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