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Our students often comment on the rich, deep experience provided by our intensive, short training workshops. Each includes:

As a result, our workshop graduates often report an immediate surge in the effectiveness and satisfaction in their work. See what Graduates are saying.

Traumatic Incident Reduction & Life Stress Reduction Workshop Series

TIR & LSR training consists of a series of three workshops. While each workshop is a complete package of theory and practical skills training, for optimum benefit for you and your clients we highly recommend that you complete a full series of three. After the completion of any one workshop you will have new tools to put to use. After all three you will have:

Ability Enhancement Facilitator Workshop Series

Once you have completed the three Traumatic Incident Reduction and Life Stress Reduction-related Workshops, you are eligible to move on to the Ability Enhancement Facilitator Workshop Series. The work in Life Stress Reduction is mainly done in the realm of unburdening, which is to say, dealing with the issues a person brings in that are of immediate concern and greatest interest for him or her to address. Upon completion of a Life Stress Reduction Program, a client feels lighter, brighter, more able, and free from the pressure of the issues he or she came in with. What lies beyond this?

Once pressing life issues and traumatic stress are cleared out of the way, it is possible to work on personal growth in depth and with greater effectiveness. In the Ability Enhancement Facilitator Workshops, you learn to work with discovery, delving in and bringing to light areas for a person to work on that they previously may not have been fully aware of. This work also exercises fundamental abilities that everyone has, such as to communicate or to solve problems. While everyone has these abilities; we can usually all use greater command over them. Clients find this personal growth work rewarding and fulfilling.

Other Available Practical Skills Workshops in Applied Metapsychology Techniques

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