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Gamal Dakduki, Certified/Accredited TIR Trainer

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An Interview with Gamal Dakduki

VV: How long have you been a TIR trainer?

Gamal: 2011 I just become a trainer 2011

VV: What inspired you to become a TIR trainer?

Gamal:TIR is very importante teqnique for me to work with traumatic people.

VV: What do you find rewarding about it?

Gamal: Its a unique teqnique humain and very close to the the heart.

VV: Are you willing to travel to deliver training, if so under what conditions?

Gamal: Yes Im intrested to go on and work as a trainer specially in the arabic world

VV: Do you have a private practice?

Gamal: Yes I have a clinique at Nazareth.

VV: Besides TIR, what other things are you interested in?

Gamal: I do use other methods like s.e and e.m.d.r.

VV: Describe your professional background?

Gamal: MA Clinical Psychology-Since-1988. Titolo di tesi: omosessualita' fra tabu' e liberazione Relatore: prof evano spano, docente di psicologia sociale Punteggio: 96\110

  • Specialist in Educational Psychology-Since 1999. Minister of Health.
  • Senior psychologist in the north area of Israel sense 2006.
  • Specialist of hypnosis and Therapy-medical school of Milan-1990.
  • Specialist of Prevention of Stress-2003.
  • Specialist of Mediation-2000.
  • Specialist On Therapy Technique of: Somatic Experiencing- EMDR- and Traumatic Incident Reduction.
  1. Director of Psychological Center of Kfar kanna.
  2. Assistant of psychology- beet college- Kfar saba –Israel-1999.
  3. Director of Psychological Center of Illut 1994- 1999.
  4. Director of Psychological Center of Kabul 1994-1996.
  5. Vice Director of the Psychological Center of Nazareth 1995-1998.
  6. Trainer and Supervisor in Crisis Intervention, in the West-bank, With the UNICEF-Since 2004- Tel Now.
  7. Coordinator of health Research on Elderly cognitive Disturbance-Anxiety- Depression- Living Conditions- Psychological Disability and social Support. University of Padova-1988.
  8. Evaluator of the Norvegian Aid program in the west bank by. The Y.M.C.A OF Beit Sahour. ( Aug. 2007).
  9. Evaluator of the project of psychosocial support for women, children and youth victims of violence in the Bethlehem area. By The psychosocial Counseling Center for women.(March 2008).
  10. Cordinatore della regione nord israele nel trattare il fenomeno della violenza e aggressivita'.
  11. Cordinatore della regione nord israele nel trattamento del suicidio

VV: What other courses are you currently teaching?

Gamal: A training programe in the west bank in domestic violense and stress managment.

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