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VV: How long have you been a TIR trainer?

Mahmud: When I learned TIR I was very interested in bringing it to the middle east and the Arabic World, I contact Mr. Giovanni Crivellaro in 2004 and organized courses on TIR in Palestine and Israel, and began convincing psychologists to learn TIR. Now in 2011 I just become a trainer myself.

VV: What inspired you to become a TIR trainer?

Mahmud: TIR is very importante teqnique for me to work with traumatized people, and to train Psychologists and therapists to deal with trauma.

VV: What do you find rewarding about it?

Mahmud: Its a unique technique human and very close to the heart.

VV: Are you willing to travel to deliver training, if so under what conditions?

Mahmud: : Yes I'm interested to go on and work as a trainer especially in the Arabic world.

VV: Do you have a private practice?

Mahmud: Yes I have a Clinique at Nazareth.

VV: Besides TIR, what other things are you interested in?

Mahmud: I do use other methods like Somatic Experiencing and Prolonged Exposure and EMDR teqniques.

VV: Describe your professional background?


  • PhD Attended , in social cognitive and clinical psychology. Bicocca University, Milano Italy- since 2009.
  • Specialize in clinical psychology - since 2008.
  • Senior psychologist in Educational Psychology-since 2007.
  • Specialist in Educational Psychology-Since 2002. Minister of Health.
  • MA Clinical Psychology-Since-1995.
  • Specialist On Therapy Technique of: Somatic Experiencing- EMDR- and Traumatic Incident Reduction and prolonged Exposure.
  1. Director of Psychological Center of IKsal.
  2. Trainer and Supervisor in Crisis Intervention, in the West-bank and Gaza With the UNICEF, MDM France, UNRWA, YMCA, Psychologists for Human Rights-Italy, -Since 2002- Tel Now.

VV: What other courses are you currently teaching?

Mahmud: A training program in Israel and Palestine and Italy in:

  • "Psychological emergency and psychotraumathology".
  • "Trauma therapy with cognitive teqniques"
  • "The psychological phenomenology of Traumatized people".

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