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Michael Brechtel, Certified TIR Trainer and LSR Trainer

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An Interview with Michael Brechtel:

VV: How long have you been a TIR trainer?

Michael: I became a TIR trainer in 2013.

VV: What inspired you to become a TIR trainer?

Michael: I have to say my wife, Teresa Descilo and the work she has done over the past 20 years through her groundbreaking agency, the Trauma Resolution Center, inspired me. Seeing the transformation in agency clients and especially how quickly they transform blew me away. There is a worldwide awakening to the impact of trauma, its implications in the lives of individuals and nations, and the importance of resolving its impact.

VV: What do you find rewarding about it?

Michael: Watching people transform. In session. In training. There is a moment when a group of professionals are sitting in training- often from the same organization- and they ‘get it.’ Their faces shine. They experience hope. They suddenly reconnect with the reason they chose their career. It’s redeeming.

VV: Are you willing to travel to deliver training, if so under what conditions?

Michael: We need enough attendees to cover costs (6-15 depending on the location/country). Opportunities to travel and train with my wife move to the head of the line. Likewise, we are highly motivated to travel for Native American Tribes and indigenous peoples.

VV: Do you have a private practice?

Michael: Yes. I work out of the Trauma Resolution Center and maintain a small private practice in our community.

VV: Besides TIR, what other things are you interested in?

Michael: I'm a Licensed Massage Therapist and teacher. I specialize in Shamanic bodywork, including Hawaiian Temple Lomi Lomi. I’m interested in the relationship between intimacy, connection, vulnerability, healing and the divine. The more intimately we connect, the more challenged we are in our own growth and the greater access we have to the divine within us. The person I am meant to change is myself. What I am meant to change is reflected in those I meet. I am finished when I see God in everyone. I must spend time in the ocean each week, preferably at sunrise.

VV: Describe your professional background?

Michael: A massage therapist, former Director of Education at Educating Hands School of Massage in Miami and a Professional Massage CE Provider, I hold a BS in Secondary Education and an MEd in Vocational Education, and a Juris Doctor. I've taught in a wide variety of settings since 1980. I've been a computer consultant, worked as a Marketing Director and an Information Systems Manager. For 12 years I was a Wizard.

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