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Michelle Booth, LCSW, Certified TIR Trainer

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An Interview with Michelle Booth:

VV: How long have you been a TIR trainer?

Michelle: I became a TIR trainer in 2015.

VV: What inspired you to become a TIR trainer?

Michelle: I have such great success with every technique I have learned from AMI that I want to share them with my peers. Every person I have trained has had the same experience with using the AMI techniques.

VV: What do you find rewarding about it?

Michelle: Every session ends with a win or with some relief being achieved. Most often the progress is significant and even dramatic. No other model I have tried can match the results that I am getting using the AMI techniques.

VV: Are you willing to travel to deliver training, if so under what conditions?

Michelle: Yes! However, my availability is limited. I would need at least six months to schedule a training but I am open to training in other states or countries.

VV: Do you have a private practice?

Michelle: I work full time for a local county in Virginia as a program manager for supportive mental health services, and have a part time private practice where I specialize in trauma recovery work. In my trainings I share the experiences I have utilizing the AMI techniques in these settings.

VV: Besides TIR, what other things are you interested in?

Michelle: Helping someone with trauma recovery using TIR is very satisfying and I enjoy doing TIR trainings. I also enjoy hanging out with my family,gardening, and hiking.

VV: Describe your professional background?

Michelle: I used to be a big fan of motivational interviewing and DBT, and other approaches that put the people in charge of their own recovery. Now the TIR approaches guide all my client interactions and I rarely use any other tools. I am a licensed clinical social worker, and have always enjoyed finding ways to be successful with "difficult clients". I enjoy supervising staff and interns and helping them with their professional development. I am looking forward to completing the process of becoming a certified LSR Trainer. LSR contains techniques that are universally helpful in helping any person achieve more rewarding relationships with others and a healthy sense of well being.

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