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Sharie Peacock , Certified TIR Trainer

Sharie Peacock

An Interview with Sharie Peacock:

VV: How long have you been a TIR trainer?

Sharie: I became a TIR trainer in 2014.

VV:What inspired you to become a TIR trainer?

Sharie: I completed graduate school with a Master's Degree in Counseling in 1993. Because of my own history of PTSD from childhood abuse and neglect I immediately began a private practice specializing in trauma. I was searching for something to help myself as well as others who were suffering like me. I discovered TIR in 2000 and immediately received the training and quickly became certified. Early on in the process I worked with my trainer/facilitator, Ragnhild Malnati, to resolve my issues around PTSD, and I continue to receive regular facilitation today with Jerry Davis. I am now free of all symptoms of PTSD (except a startle response) and I am gratefully living a happy and fulfilling life. However, it has always been very apparent to me that there is an enormous lack of other professionals in my area and in the Northeast in general who could be helping others in the same way I am. No one deserves to live with trauma. I have been experiencing a strong since of responsibility for some time now to share my knowledge and experience with others. So, even though I knew it would be a challenging task with the already busy life I have, I decided to become a trainer.

VV:What do you find rewarding about it?

Sharie: I am sharing with other professionals the ability to help others find this gift of life that neither I nor they could ever imagine could be found. Not just a life, but a good life.

VV:Are you willing to travel to deliver training, if so under what conditions?

Sharie: Yes, I am willing to travel just about anywhere with enough notice and with all expenses paid.

VV:Do you have a private practice?

Sharie: I have a very busy private practice in Portland, Maine.

VV:Besides TIR, what other things are you interested in?

Sharie: I enjoy kayaking, music, playing guitar, power walking, and working out at the gym.

VV:Describe your professional background?

Sharie: Besides having my Master's Degree in Counseling I am a Registered Nurse. I have worked in hospitals and nursing homes, and ran my own business as a Rehab Nurse working with injured workers receiving Workers' Compensation while I was in graduate school. I studied International Affairs with a focus on the French language as an undergraduate. At one point in my earlier life I was an Emergency Medical Technician.

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